Lancia Delta

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Not the best looking Lancia, I’ll agree but, I’d say the 2nd best. Lancia itself were & still are after getting out of being run by fiat the best car manufacturer in the world (although their new stuff is pretty shite).



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not so much a rustbucket. Maybe, In fact, it;s sorta new & shiny but I have found a new found obsession with them so I’ve decided to do a post about them for laughs & giggles. umm… well… I don’t really know that much about them. I just know that they look best in cream, without a windscreen or mirrors. unsafe, yes. But style comes at a cost.


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Probably the only car manufacturer in the Britain left stand after the morgan & TVR. Us Brits keep on saying “Ohh we wan’t a new car design from them” yet in fact we still have a strong nostalgia for them. They may have been rusty & old even for their era, but the fact is that that’s why we drove them. For the annoyence of the fact that this is the 3rd breakdown even though you’re only going down the road, & not a long one at that.

Mini Cooper

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Probably the most famous car known mainly to stupid blondes. Before it got to it’s popular state the mini cooper was a car bought mainly by people who don’t have any money, yet afterword they’ll fall in love with them… 6 years after the realese of “the italian job” the mini cooper was still cheap even though practically every student owned one, the only exclusion were the 80’s students who would drive in convertables, no matter what the model. So even after many generations of wearing out the mini cooper is still a legend & I can’t wait ’till there’s a hover mini, It’ll be in my garage with my hover-Citroen 2cv & hover VW camper.

Citroen 2cv

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next retro -rust-bucket the citroen 2cv, beutifully sculpted, a giant in its time yet it’s been thrown to the trash because it’s “too slow”, “it’s to heavy” and “when you try to steer it it’s like trying to lead a bear on a type-rope riding a unicycle while carrying a wheel barrow with a 3 year old in it!” but that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate it’s absolutely stunning shape and the fact that it can turn better than the reliant robin which was built years later.

Sinclair spectrum

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One of the first gaming devices in all history. If two guys who where watching the telly didn’t have this very conversation
“this channel’s alright”
“yea,(at tv) oww god why did you do that?”
“I’ve got an idea! lets make a software that’ll enable you to play games virtually yet because of our
stupid time period we’ll make it so they have to make the games themselves ( to save us a load of time for watching the telly) and as years go on someone who isn’t as lazy as us will think ‘hey how about we make games ourselves & make a fortune'”
“yea alright”
then no-one would be stimulated by it’s greenish-yellowish glow.

time to get started then.

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for years now spectrums and other cool retro things have been completely ignored. well I’m going to stop this from happening. People everywhere will be buying ps1’s xbox’s & the 3.5-litre SS 100 Jaguar